Champions Respect... But Rebron James is the King of NBA

Always Show respect... I'm not a fan of Golden State Warrior , but I'm a huge fan of Ste...

Always Show respect... I'm not a fan of Golden State Warrior, but I'm a huge fan of Stephen Curry. The boy got them skills — in fact, Even President Barack Obama and many others have crowned him the best shooter they’ve ever seen.

Just like Drake.. I call this dude.. "Chef Curry" He is such a good shooter that people often say a three for him is a “lay-up,”

Curry makes the hardest shots in basketball look like the easiest ones.

Warriors defeat Cavs 105-97 for 2015 NBA title

Speaking about respect.. In sports accepting defeat is one of the best thing.. Well, CLEVELAND did their part by congratulating their opponents and this is what they said — "Congrats to the Golden State Warriors, the NBA's best team wire-to-wire, who erased a 40-year championship dry spell that included some rather gruesome stretches that nobody in the Bay Area even remembers right now."

For me Curry and LeBron showed their  best. However, Injuries had major impact on playoff outcome this season


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