The coming of iROKOtv into East Africa will benefits Tanzanian Movies "Bongo Movie"

The coming of iROKOtv into East Africa will benefits Tanzanian Movies "Bongo Movie" Vi...

The coming of iROKOtv into East Africa will benefits Tanzanian Movies "Bongo Movie"

Video-on-demand platform, iROKOtv has announced its expansion into East Africa market, with its first branch into East Africa being opened in Kigali, Rwanda.

iROKOtv now will include contents from Rwanda, Tanzania , Kenya and Uganda. The move comes as part of the company’s transition to focus more on the local African audiences.

Jason Njoku, Co-founder and CEO said, “There is a massive market potential in East Africa. Payment isn’t an issue in East Africa. Data is significantly cheaper. For Internet TV, these are the basic building blocks required to build a sizeable subscriber base,” 

Expanding to East Africa seems like the logical next step towards securing iROKOtv’s future. While Nigeria remains their primary market, it generates only around 3% of iROKOtv’s annual revenue. iROKOtv is currently active in 170 countries with an estimated 75,000 paying subscriber base. Expanding to East Africa has the potential to be more rewarding for iROKOtv, as the market is more mature when it comes to broadband infrastructure.

The coming of iROKOtv into East Africa will benefits Tanzanian Movies "Bongo Movie" as the movie industry in Tanzania has grown very fast and the only problem is stable distributions that will benefits the industry.

With the presence of iROKOtv things will change as we have seen the transformation into the Nigerian movie industry done by iROKOtv. In Tanzania the payment system is not an issue plus the data is cheaper than expected so the industry will grow as the distribution will be larger than the one used now.


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