New Music: Fid Q Featuring P-Funk majani - "Bongo Hip Hop

The Hip Hop legend is back in the game after a long silence. Every bongo fleva music fan can agree...

The Hip Hop legend is back in the game after a long silence. Every bongo fleva music fan can agree with me that if you name the list of Tanzania's bongo fleva music legends Fid Q will be in that List.
Since his time in the song "Huyu na Yule" Fid Q has been the best in writing best rhymes that flows very well in every beat.

As he said in his song "August 13" well that's his birthday date and today its August 13 as he releases a new song called "Bongo Hip Hop" Featuring the best producer of all time P-Funk majani

I started young... I made my mothers womb a Drum/
My umbilical chord a Guitar... Mhoji aliyenizaa/
Bongoflava mzuri kiasi... Hiphop  we ndo my Queen/
my 1st... my last and my everything in between

These are some of the lyrics in the song "Bongo Hiphop"

Listen the whole song bellow..



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