Ripoti: Wizi ulio tokea Barclays kinondoni branch ulitengenezwa

Kwa mujibu wa Gazeti la The Citizen, Lime ripoti kuwa ule wizi ulio tokea kwenye Tawi la Barclays ba...

Kwa mujibu wa Gazeti la The Citizen, Lime ripoti kuwa ule wizi ulio tokea kwenye Tawi la Barclays bank kinondini ulitengenezwa ili kuficha wizi ulio fanywa na wafanya kazi wa ndani wa benki hiyo,

Hii hapa ni taarifa iliyo andikwa na Gazeti hilo

Dar es Salaam. Last week’s “robbery” at Barclays Bank’s Kinondoni branch, where armed gangsters reportedly grabbed Sh300 million, was faked, The Citizen can authoritatively report.

Impeccable sources close to the ongoing investigation into the incident confided in The Citizen that the “raid” by three men was planned and executed to cover up the theft of tens of millions of shillings that had previously taken place at the branch.

Some employees at the branch are said to have colluded with rogue police officers to fake a robbery in an attempt to hide the truth about the theft. The workers, including a senior official at the branch, are among those being held for questioning.

According to our inquiries, detectives are also looking for a police officer from Oyster Bay Police Station, who disappeared as investigators zeroed in on him.

The officer vanished after learning that one of the suspects had told detectives about the stage-managed “raid” and the role of the fugitive.

Yesterday, Dar es Salaam police boss Suleiman Kova declined to give details about the progress of the investigation, saying he would do so today at a news conference.

Asked about the whereabouts of the fugitive police officer, Mr Kova said: “We are still gathering and receiving more information and will give a comprehensive statement at a media briefing later.”

Earlier, Kinondoni Regional Police Commander Camillius Wambura told The Citizen that briefings on the incident would henceforth be provided by Mr Kova.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Barclays head of Marketing and Communications Neema-Rose Singo told The Citizen that she had nothing to say as it was a public holiday.

According to eyewitnesses, the “robbery” took place at around 9.30am last Tuesday and involved three men, who had arrived at the bank on a motorcycle. One remained outside while his accomplices entered the branch and walked out a few minutes later with a big bag that was purportedly stuffed with hundreds of millions of shillings.

The three men jumped on their motorcycle and sped away. Police arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later.

No shot was fired and the casual manner of the “robbers” raised eyebrows.


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