Tuesday, 13 August 2021

How To Hide The WhatsApp Last Seen Status Message

Whatsapp is very popular sending text, multimedia messages to your contacts in much faster way using your Android, Samsung Galaxy, blackberry, iPhone 4, 5, 3gs, Nokia, Symbian, windows java based mobile or any other smartphone devices. But its always important to maintain your privacy, security and confidentiality. Today I will teach you some tricks on how to hide last seen time in whatsapp for your Samsung, Android and iPhone mobile Phones.

Though it’s never good to hide such things, but sometime due to various reasons you may prefer to Hide Whatsapp last seen online status and you may hide that from your Friends when you have check whatsapp messages last. It’s quite easy trick to hide whatsapp last seen status.

Well: here is how to How To Hide The WhatsApp Last Seen Status Message.

When you receive message  do the following:
Step 1. Do not open WhatsApp ;
Step 2. Switch Your Device on the Airplane mode on your Android device;
Step 3. Enter into WhatsApp and read the message;
Step 4. Now you can get out of WhatsApp and re-enable the Airplane mode!

How does it work?
WhatsApp updates the display time whenever you open the app that means you go online. Enabling Airplane mode will disable the internet connection but you can still read the message because it already received in the WhatsApp notification.

Alternative Way:
You may toggle your active WiFi or data connection on and off instead of going to Airplane mode, this works the same as the above trick.

Hide Last seen time in Whatsapp for iPhone Mobiles
Unlike samsung galaxy and android smart phone, it’s quite easy and simple to hide last seen time in whatsapp for iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 5 devices. iOS system gives users chance to enable and disable last seen time in whatsapp application itself. Simplye follow below steps to do this.

Open Whatsapp application on your iPhone device

Simply OFF “Last seen timestamp” from Settings -> Chat Settings -> Advanced
Now your last seen time in whatsapp is disabled

I hope above tricks will help you to hide last seen time in Whatsapp for samsung galaxy, android and iPhone mobile devices.


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  1. I think using Hide Last Seen time using application is the best method. It doesn't consume more time when compared to the manual mobile data switching method.


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